Wardrobe systems design, build & install

Whether you want custom wardrobes for a new house or need to renovate the wardrobes of an existing home, we will work with you to create an elegant and efficiently designed wardrobe without the high-end price ticket. Our new wardrobe design team are wardrobe manufacture experts, experienced in crafting the bespoke wardrobe systems Auckland clients require in all shapes and dimensions.

Wardrobe Styles and Sizes

We can build in a variety of styles including villa, contemporary and traditional.

From the largest walk-in wardrobes or a stand-alone wardrobe system down to the smallest reach-in wardrobe unit. We can handcraft wardrobe doors and home storage solutions to organise and declutter your bedroom, kitchen, garage and home office storage areas too.

Wardrobe Components / Layout

We build with the layout and functionality you require.  This can include:

Hanging space

Each wardrobe design will be different depending on what you intend to store. Where a couple is sharing a wardrobe, each should have their personal own hanging space. This usually means a mixture of:

  • Long hang
  • Short or half-hang
  • Three-quarter hang,


Shelving is excellent for any items you want to store folded (jeans, jumpers, t-shirts). Standard shelf height is 400mm but you will want adjustment options. Easily store smaller items in baskets or containers on shelving.


Drawers are best for storage of smaller or delicate items (underwear, socks). Drawers come in multiple depths and can be from 400mm to 1200mm wide. They can be open-topped, push-to-open or have conventional handles.

Wardrobe Accessories

  • Pull-out trouser racks: keep up to 16 pairs of trousers hanging neatly and readily accessible.  Engineered to make the best use of a small space, these slide-out racks organise and display your pants. This removes the need for separate hangers for each pair of pants. 
  • Sliding tie racks to organise all your ties. These mount onto your wardrobe cabinet for easy access. Racks are made from top-quality metals for a lasting and stylish look.
  • Belt racks: to organise your belts, this sliding belt rack mounts to your wardrobe cabinets for easy access.
  • Pull-out mirrors: an extendable mirror takes up minimal space within the main wardrobe cabinet. It provides a full-length view with almost 360 rotation. The pull-out mechanism extracts the mirror from a 400mm deep storage space and holds it at the required angle you need until it is moved. Once you have finished, just swivel the mirror back to align with the support sliders and return it to the storage space.
  • LED lighting: add a modern touch to your wardrobe ambience. Easily light your walk-in wardrobe, hanging areas, deep shelves, drawers and corners.  Our designers work with you to create a well-lit wardrobe.


We work with melamine, MDF (painted or bare) and plywood.

Auckland Wardrobes & Doors specialises in high-quality custom-built wardrobe solutions to organise and declutter your bedroom, home or office storage areas.

We’re happy to come over to your place and do a free “measure and quote” for you. When we see your space, it’s easier for us to work with you to visualise and design solutions that will match your requirements, your personal likes and your budget.

Our made-to-measure wardrobes cost less than you might think.