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The way to solve your home storage is to make creative use of space with smart storage ideas. We can design, build and install the structure you need to easily organise and then quickly find what you need as you need it. Have a talk with us about custom storage solutions for your laundry, living room, bedrooms, home office and garage. Our creative and functional storage systems will add value to your home.

Back in the days before home decor became a buzzword, storage was just as likely to be an old box covered in a blanket, an antique truck or a suitcase covered in dust. Today, we have the experience and expertise to build classy and elegant storage systems for any area of your home.

Bedroom Storage:

We have great ideas for master, spare or children’s bedrooms that declutter and tame your bedroom spaces.


No matter what your bedroom floor plan is, a neat and tidy bedroom is a challenge without the right storage options. For example, the “standard” closet rod severely limits the storage possibilities. However, by incorporating shelving and drawers into your closet, you significantly increase storage flexibility. Having labelled bins will keep seldom-used items both visible and accessible.


Nothing contributes to bedroom organization as well as furniture with built-in storage components. When you are short of space, consider beds with either integrated drawers or sufficient space to store baskets and bins underneath. A larger nightstand or storage bench with internal compartments provides balance to a smaller closet or dresser.

Under-bed storage space is especially valuable in smaller bedrooms. Out-of-sight but covering a large area, it’s the perfect location for those hard-to-store awkward items. You can easily add bed risers to the legs of a low bedframe, raising the bed by several inches. That will instantly create access to useful storage space underneath.

A large under-bed roll-out tray can store shoes, toys or exercise equipment and you could stash groups of items in individual containers on the tray.


Wall shelving is a timeless way to add useful surface area into a smaller space. But you may also want to keep some items concealed. As per your kitchen, upper-level cabinets provide an excellent way to increase both storage space and decrease visible clutter.


Lounge, hall or bedroom bookcases provide excellent opportunities to reduce clutter piles. Modern bookcases and shelves will transform a room when you carefully plan how to make them work in your spaces. For example, bookcases can utilise awkward alcoves or corners of your house. A bookcase could also serve as a wall divider, or become a feature of your hallway or lounge…

Multi-media and wall units:

Multi-media cabinets or integrated wall units are usually the first option. But a family room wall unit doesn’t have to be a simple box-shaped container or plain wall-mounted shelves to support the television plus some knick-knacks. These days, construction materials and fittings allow modern wall units far beyond the old-school functionality…

Other house spaces:

Kitchen, laundry room or office storage options can be designed, built and installed for any room of your home.

Garage Storage

Garage, utility room or games room storage ideas are always popular. Like most people, your garage probably stores far more than just the family car/s. The garage usually becomes the miscellaneous hold-all seldom-used toys, cleaning supplies, gardening equipment, hand and power tools and more. Getting the space cleaned and in order is on most people’s to-do list… Let us help sort this out by inspecting the space and giving you some budget-friendly solutions to the messy garage situation.

We come to you, measure up your space and work with you to craft solutions that will match your needs, your preferences and your budget.